Thursday, June 30, 2005

SkypeJi, an open/free/libre PBX solution based on VoIP software Skype

I guess PBX and Skype got your attention. Well, in its true sense it is not a PBX, as it does not support any telephony interfaces and protocols. It is primarily a tool to manage multiple Skype users through a common web interface, using Skype APIs, thus creating a PBX like solution.

Functional Objectives

- Administration
o Manage User Accounts
o Manage Contact List
o Manage User Classes

- End User
o Check User's availability Status
o Make/Receive Calls
o Leave/Check Voice Mail

It is based on open architecture, thus making it easy to integrate with any other applications like Intranet Portals, CRMs, Group Collaboration softwares etc.

For further details checkout

First alpha release is scheduled for July 13th, 2005

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Skype Service Is Blocked In Middle East Country

TechWeb | News | Skype Service Is Blocked In Middle East Country

Now why would you do that?
.... governments go out of their way to "protect" these big corporations so that they don't loose money. doh!
There is no doubt that skype is in this to make money as well, but atleast its giving customers a cheap alternative.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

An Interview with Niklas Zennstrom, the guy behind Skype and Kazaa

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Click Online | How Skype and Kazaa changed the net...nothing technical, but still a good read.

Here is another interesting plugin for skype, video skype (vskype), which enables video chat. I am not impressed; the quality is same or worse as any other software out there and user interface is too complicated.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


More I use this tool (skype), more I get impressed.
This is a prime example how technology can really make life easy.
With skypeIn, skypeOut and other bunch of new features... it is the future of communications.

I would like to see skype integrated into browser.... a FireFox plugin!!

Perhaps in my next entry, I will have more to say about that.